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Here are the things we focus on when developing software for your business.

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  • Your business, customers, objectives, and what you want to achieve with the software
  • The budget and your project schedule
  • Keeping you informed throughout the project with regular reviews and updates
  • An in-house testing and review process that measures performance and functionality in real-world scenarios
  • Full training and ongoing support
  • A solution that will scale according to the needs of your business
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How We Work

We successfully deliver software development projects using the following process:


Scoping and Requirements

The starting point is to get a full understanding of your objectives and what you want the software to do, including its specific functions. From this, we will create and agree scoping and requirements documents which our team will then refer to throughout the project.


The research involves two main elements. The first is to get an understanding of the software’s intended users and what they expect. Where necessary, we will also research technologies to ensure we deliver the most effective solution possible.

Wireframe Creation

Our designers will take the scoping and requirements documents, as well as information gathered in the research phase, to create the design. Ease of use is central at this stage of the project, as well as ensuring the software has the right branding.


This is the stage where the developers start coding the software. We use an agile software development auckland process which is flexible and allows you to see and experience the solution during the development phase. This makes testing and refinement more efficient.

Testing and Review

The software will then go through a formal testing and review process to make sure all bugs and errors are identified and eliminated. You will also be asked at this stage to review the solution and give approval for the implementation of the software.


Our team will lead on the implementation and will conduct all training with the end users of the system. We will support your users and other members of your team throughout this process and into the future to ensure your business gets the maximum benefit
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