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If you need a new mobile application that can work both on IOS and Android platforms, our Hybrid mobile app development services are what you are looking for. Our team has extensive experience in design and development of hybrid mobile applications.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

Apps that share code and look great

Do you want two versions of your new app – one for the Google Play Store for Android users and one for the App store for people that have iPhones and iPads? Do you want your app to be available on other devices as well? At Outsource NZ, we offer hybrid mobile applications, so have the ideal solution.

We use the latest techniques and platforms and ensure we follow all industry best-practice guidelines. We also have extensive experience and expert knowledge not only in app development, but in how to ensure your app has the best chance of success.

Your new app will look great, it will have the functionality you need, and it will be scalable to adapt to your future requirements.

What Devices Will My App Work On?

We can build your hybrid app for iOS devices, Android devices, and for use in website browsers on computers and laptops.

What Are Hybrid Mobile Apps?

Many apps that you use on your phone or tablet are native apps. In other words, they were developed for a specific operating system. Usually this means the app is a native iOS app or a native Android app.

As an app owner, this means you need to get two separate versions of your app developed.

A hybrid app is an alternative solution. Hybrid apps use both native and web app frameworks to make it possible to create multiple apps in one development cycle. This is unlike developing native apps where your developer will typically create one version, often the iOS app, bringing it to completion before starting on the Android version.

As there is only one main development cycle, hybrid apps can be developed faster than going through the process of developing individual native apps. This saves time and money.

What is the Development Process?

  1. We’ll appoint a project manager
  2. You’ll join an online meeting with our team to discuss the specification, the features you want, your objectives for the app, your target users, and more
  3. Our designers will create design concepts for the app
  4. We’ll create branding as well if required
  5. Your project manager will communicate with you throughout the process, including to get approval for the design concepts
  6. We’ll develop and get approval for the navigation menus, navigational elements, user flow, and structure of your app
  7. Our developers will then step in to start coding the app, building the core functionality first and then exporting it for each of the platforms you need
  8. We’ll send these first draft apps to you for approval and feedback
  9. We’ll also test the apps on multiple devices and will apply fixes to any bugs or errors identified
  10. Once you approve the completed app, we’ll upload it to the relevant stores and will optimise the listings

In addition to the above, we can also help you with concept development if you have the kernel of an idea but need expert help to firm up the concept and create the app’s specification.

At the other end of the process, we can help you promote the completed app to maximise its reach and downloads.

What Is Your Advice to Help Me Make My Hybrid Mobile App a Success?

At Outsource NZ, we are hybrid mobile application experts. We can upgrade an existing hybrid mobile app you own, or we can create a new app from scratch based on an idea or concept you have come up with.

  • Define your objectives
  • Define the typical user of your app
  • Identify your USP and why people will want to download and use your app
  • Appoint a developer with experience creating hybrid apps
  • Keep the design simple and uncluttered
  • Focus on key functionality to prevent the app from becoming overloaded and complicated
  • Start thinking about your marketing plan as early in the process as possible
  • When reviewing your app during the development process, view it from the perspective of your users
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