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We’ll take time getting a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve and what you want the new software to do. We’ll then create a detailed scope before developing, testing, implementing, and supporting the solution.

Software Development

Software customised for your needs and requirements

Whether you have an idea for software you want to sell as a product, or you need a customised software solution for your business, we can help at Outsource NZ. We offer expert software development services and have skilled programmers with experience creating a range of different software applications.

The customised software applications we develop include bespoke CRM solutions, process management applications, database tools, data management and analysis software, utility software, software to automate processes and tasks, and more.

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Why Do I Need Custom Software?

If the solution you need doesn’t currently exist as an off-the-shelf product, you need custom software.

There are many other situations where it is also beneficial to get custom software, including when off-the-shelf software solutions are available. This is because off-the-shelf software is designed to be as appealing as possible to as wide a range of businesses as possible.

In reality, however, this means it won’t quite work the way you want it to. At best, this can result in frustration by users and the software not delivering to its full potential. At worst, users could abandon the software altogether, reverting back to manual processes.

Custom software development overcomes these problems as you get what you want with the functionality you need.

Plus, our software development process involves getting information and feedback from real-life users of the software. From our experience as a leading software development company, users are much more enthusiastic and determined to make a software application work when they have been involved in its development.

The Software Has to Be Easy to Use. Will You Make that Happen?

This is one of our primary objectives. Of course, we want to make sure the software we develop for your business has all the functionality you need. It needs to integrate with your existing systems and processes too.

However, we have seen many software applications over the years that have failed because they were too difficult to use or where the learning curve was too steep. We are often called in to resolve problems like these created by other software development companies. Frequently, though, the most cost-effective option is to start again from scratch.

As a result, ease of use is right at the top of our priority list. We have a track record of developing software that is effective and delivers on its functionality requirements while still being easy to learn and use.

One of the ways we do this is to learn as much as we can about how the eventual users of the software currently perform the task the software will replace or enhance. By understanding the reality of work processes, we are in a much better position to create software that is intuitive and that makes sense to your team.

What About Integration with My Other Systems?

Yes, this is also a central part of our software development service. We’ll create the application that you need with all the functionality you require using a programming and development process that is neutral, i.e. so the software is capable of integration.

Our software developers will complete the integration, optimising your systems, and fully testing everything to ensure it is robust and fully functional.

What Is Your Software Development Process?

It’s an eight-step process that we customise and adapt according to your requirements. Here are the eight steps:

  • We’ll spend time learning about the software you want to develop, the features you want it to have, and your objectives. We’ll also get feedback from the eventual users of the software.
  • The above will result in the production of a specifications document and a requirements document.
  • Once we get your approval on the specification and requirements, we’ll start creating mock-ups of the various screens and features.
  • Using an agile software development technique, our programmers will then write the code.
  • We’ll then go into a testing and bug fixing phase.
  • Once we get approval on the completed software, we will implement it according to your requirements. This could involve sending it to your IT team to implement. If integration with current systems is required, our team will be directly involved.
  • We’ll train the users of the software.
  • The software will then be handed over along with the documentation. At this stage, our support service begins depending on the support option you choose.
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